Medico-Legal Assessments

Medico-Legal Assessments of personal injury victims to determine loss of earnings for compensation purposes.


Medico-Legal Assessments of Personal Injury Victims


We assess personal injury victims, by means of interviews, to determine the concomitant loss of earnings, for the purposes of compensation. Assessments take place between 09.00 and 12.00 Monday to Thursday.

Workplace Collateral

We obtain workplace collateral, where possible, to verify, inter alia, job titles, duties, remuneration, career prospects, reason for termination of service, and so forth.

Medico-Legal Reports

We compile medico-legal/psycho-legal reports which contain, inter alia, biographical and educational details, employment track record, workplace collateral, likely pre-morbid and post-morbid earnings scenarios, conclusions and recommendations.

Joint Minutes

We compile joint minutes in conjunction with the opposing industrial psychologist, to highlight points of agreement and disagreement, in line with the Prescripts.

Pre-Trial Meetings

When required, we also attend pre-trial meetings to prepare for a court case.

Court Attendance

We provide court attendance, when required, in order to provide expert evidence relating to the relevant matter.


Medico Legal Assessment Methodology

Medico Legal Assessment

  • An attorney contacts us when the services of an industrial psychologist is required to conduct a medico legal assessment in order to determine the loss of earnings of an individual involved in a personal injury claim.
  • Contact us via telephone, email or our website to arrange a medico legal assessment.
  • In the case of a new client, we send him/her our information letter which contains all relevant data, including our fee structure.
  • We make appointments for claimants either telephonically or via email, confirming the date and time of our medico legal assessment.
  • The referring attorney submits a letter of instruction to us, containing, inter alia, the purpose, date and time of the medico legal assessment and trial date, as well as all available documentation, including expert reports. Where applicable, we await other expert reports needed to complete our psycho-legal report or request additional expert reports. 
  • Following completion of the consent form, we assess the claimant in the presence of two industrial psychologists to ensure collaboration and continuity. We also provide the claimant with our contact details and a list of documents required, e.g. salary advices, copies of qualifications, and so forth.  A medico legal assessment could last between 1,5 and 2 hours.  We require interpreters when claimants are not proficient in English or Afrikaans to avoid re-scheduling of an appointment. 
  • We conduct the medico legal assessment in accordance with our semi-structured interview questionnaire, developed and refined over many years, which includes, inter alia, biographic data, educational and work history, pre and post-morbid earnings scenarios, conclusions and recommendations.

Workplace Collateral

  • We contact the claimant’s prior and present employers, where possible, to obtain workplace collateral, which covers a list of pre-determined topics related to their remuneration, job performance levels, promotional prospects, etc.
  • We conduct research if necessary, as part of the medico legal assessment. Often, claimants do not hold conventional jobs where appropriate salary surveys and remuneration scales are readily available.

Medico Legal Reports

  • We compile our medico-legal/psycho-legal report once the required documentation is received, including all other expert reports, since we as industrial psychologists, are last in the sequence.
  • Finally, we compile and submit a comprehensive but concise, easy-to-read psycho-legal report pertaining to the matter, as soon as all the required documentation and other information have been obtained.
  • Our psycho-legal reports are submitted, in PDF form, via email, to the referring attorney or his/her personal assistant.
  • Where necessary, we compile addendum reports when additional, essential information has come to the fore since submission of our psycho-legal report, (after completion of the initial medico legal assessment).

Joint Minutes

  • As per the Prescripts of the High Court, we produce joint minutes in collaboration with the opposing like-discipline expert, in order to summarise points of agreement and disagreement related to the loss of earnings of the particular claimant.

Court Attendance

  • We attend court, when requested, to deliver evidence pertaining to the matter, within our scope of practice.
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