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Industrial Psychologist Experts with more than 26 years of combined experience in medico-legal work.


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Cecile J Nel Industrial Psychologist Expert

Cecile J Nel

Industrial Psychologist

Cecile Nel holds a Master’s Degree and has practised as a registered Industrial Psychologist for 30 years.  She executed psychometric assessments at all levels for corporate organisations.  Cecile has been involved in medico-legal work, specialising in personal injury claims, for the past 19 years.

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Industrial Psychologist

The practice has been involved in personal injury claims for 19 years and employs registered industrial psychologists, a researcher/editor and three administrative staff.


Industrial Psychologists - Scope of Practice

In South Africa, the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) is the coordinating body for all registered health professions. As published in the Government Gazette (2011), the Scope of Practice of Industrial Psychologists entails the following acts:  In addition to the scope of the profession as prescribed in the regulations, the following acts fall within the scope of practice of industrial psychologists:

(a) planning, developing and applying paradigms, theories, models, constructs and principles of psychology in the workplace in order to understand, modify and enhance individual, group and organisational behaviour effectively;

(b) performing psychometric and other assessments in order to determine the potential and/or suitability for training, development and employment and to determine individual, group and organisational effectiveness; referring clients to appropriate professionals for assessment or intervention; designing, developing, standardising and implementing assessment tools and procedures related to the work environment;

(c) facilitating individual and group processes for effective organisational functioning; designing and implementing training programmes for effective organisational functioning; designing and developing strategies in consumer behaviour; developing interventions to ameliorate poor performance in work settings; designing and implementing programmes based on understanding ergonomics;

(d) advising on the development of policies, based on psychological theory and research; designing, managing and evaluating industrial psychology intervention programmes;

(e) training and supervising other registered psychology practitioners in industrial psychology;

(f) conducting psychological practice and research in accordance with the Ethical Rules of Conduct for Practitioners registered under the Health Professions Act, 1974; adhering to the scope of practice of industrial psychologists;

(g) designing, managing, conducting, reporting on and supervising industrial psychology research;

(h) providing expert evidence and/or opinions.

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